Monthly Demonstrations

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Upcoming Demonstrations for 2022

Date                          Artist                              Subject & Medium

15-01-2022        David Johnson Stormy Scene -Pastel
19-02-2022         Cathy Verheul – Floral  – In Oils
19-03-2022         Richardt Beyleveld – Landscape in Oils
23-04-2022         Ina Millman – Children in Gouache
21-05-2022         Alain Nichele – Street Scene -Watercolour
18-06-2022         Paula Birbeck – Aloes in Acrylic
16-07-2022         Nicky Thomson – Acrylic Pouring Technique
20-08-2022         TO BE ADVISED
17-09-2022         TO BE ADVISED
15-10-2022         TO BE ADVISED
19-11-2022         TO BE ADVISED