16-03-2024 Karin Smit – Plein air painting

Karin Smit shared her experience and passion for plein air painting

A few years ago Karin decided to invest in the dream she had since childhood, that of being an artist, originally as a hobby but now part of her very being.

She has explored, studied and generally immersed herself in all things art related for the past five years and, during this time has had tuition in various disciplines. She has attended workshops given by South African artists, Shirley Howells and, notably the Master artist Rene Snyman, as well as international artists Australian Artist Colley Whisson and Master Californian Artist Jennifer A McChristian. These ignited her interest, which later became her passion, for plein air painting.

She is a South African artist and daughter of the soil and all things related to nature, and the natural progression was, therefore, to pursue the discipline of plein air painting as her main direction, although she also has a love for depicting still life items, floral arrangements and all things paintable.