20-04-2024 – Gina Snyman – Clay Sculpture

April Gina demonstrated the creation of a sculpture from conception to realisation, with the designing, planning, and decisions on which materials and methods to use. She demonstrated the assembly process and show the techniques used to reach a finished work.

Born and raised in South Africa, Gina is half Greek and half Italian. She attended the School of Achievement and always had a creative aptitude, and love for Jurassic and mythical creatures.

Gina studied interior designing online through The Interior Design Institute in London. After obtaining her Diploma, she had difficulty finding work in that industry, so she applied at a retail company, where she still currently works.

Her husband introduced her to the world of film, at Stan Winston Studios where some of their work included model making and sculpting, as well as other amazing visual effects work. She was fascinated by their work especially the sculptures and models they made for the Jurassic Park franchise. So began doing research on sculpting methods and techniques resulting in her first sculpt of a dragon head.

Gradually she started sculpting bigger, more complicated pieces, such as her most recent piece, a T-Rex, which took about 5 months to complete.

She is constantly looking for new and easier ways to better her skills, with the aspiration of one day working in the film industry doing visual effects.