Mike Hamilton Portraiture

25 May 2024

Mike Hamilton – portraiture in oil, watercolour or pencil.

  • Principles of portrait drawing and painting, including proportion, anatomy
  • How to select references
  • How to capture the likeness of the subject
  • How to use shading techniques
  • Colour values
  • Colour temperature
  • Colour intensity
  • Create a sense of volume and form in the portrait.

Workshop Objective
Be exposed to and understand an approach to drawing portraits, as a foundation for painting, or as an end result in itself.

  • Be able to represent a portrait in a drawing, to a reasonable degree of likeness by following the guidelines presented in the workshop.
  • Be able to represent a sense of structure and depth in a portrait representation through the use of tonal values.
  • Be able to apply warmer and cooler temperature pigments, as well as low and high intensity pigments, to enhance structure and depth beyond simple use of tonal values.

Note: The workshop was focused on drawing and painting portraits and was not a full workshop covering paint mixing, palette selection, and specific medium techniques for general painting.
Principles in various media were covered – each participant worked in their own medium of choice.