Art Lessons by Lorraine MacKeand

Lorraine McKeand

Contemporary Art, Traditional Art and Botancial Art

Artist: Lorraine McKeand
Artist: Lorraine McKeand

CONTACT: Lorraine MacKeand – BA (FA)
Tel: 082 290 6889

Lessions offered: Monday afternoons, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings.
Studio is in Solheim (Fishers Hill)

Botancial Artwork

Instruction on how to create Botanical artworks:
Graphic and Coloured Pencils

  • Introduction to Materials
  • How to “see” the plant
  • Discussion on Light and Shadows, resulting in Form

Stages of Preparation:

  • The layout and preparation of plant, flower, root onto Art Paper (Hot Press)
  •  How the pencil tones are applied i.e. the way in which pencils are prepared and method of drawing
  •  Pencil and coloured pencil work – dry pencil and Polychromos (wax)

A third lesson is offered if required, as this is purely an Introduction in the Concepts and Creation of Botancial artwork.

FEES:  Reasonable – a fee will be given on enquiry – payable per lesson

DATES: Please phone Lorraine for the latest course schedule

Art Guidance in the Concepts of Abstract/Contemporary Art

Whether Representation or Non-representation both are offered by Lorraine.  Lessons include:

  • Discussion and guidance in the Thought Making Process of Abstract Art
  • How to work with Acrylic medium/Watercolours/Mixed media – various techniques

Tuition in Art History for senior pupils in 1st/2nd year university.