17 February 2024 – Alistair Findlay

Alastair Findlay demonstrating the art of caricature and visual story-telling

Alastair did a fine art degree at Michaelis (UCT) and a post grad diploma at WITS.

He has always been interested in the power of visual communication and has used his love of drawing as a means to this end.

Alastair has worked as a cartoonist for Vrye Weekblad, City Press, the Daily Sun and the Sunday Sun newspapers.

Being interested in visual narrative he has done numerous comics, many being commissioned work in the educational and training sector and also many of his own personal comic stories. He also ran a strip called “Hey, Wena!” for many years in the Daily Sun.

He has worked on a number of feature films as a storyboard artist to help directors in the shooting of complex action sequences.

Alastair occasionally also participates in corporate workshops and strategy meetings in which emerging ideas need to be visualised.

He works in other media and has had a number of solo art exhibitions in which his sculptures and watercolours have featured. He also runs watercolour workshops and classes.